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About Ladies of Leisure Socio-Civic Organization
Many people have asked "Why the name Ladies of Leisure?" Our close knit group began in 2004 as simply an outlet for women to get away from their day to day responsibility and do those leisurely activities we  women often long for. The group provided mainly social outings and fellowship. We then branched out into giving back to our community and to each other which explains how we developed into so much more.

Our mission is to encourage the promotion, development and prosperity of our members and community.  

Our colors are Green and Yellow. Green is symbolic of new beginning in life, renewal and youth.Yellow is symbolic of intellect, confidence and imagination. 

President – Alissa Smalls
Vice President – Shawn Stewart
Secretary – Kimberly McDowell & Sherron Davis
Treasurer – Alissa Smalls & Shawn Stewart 
Parliamentarian -Javonna Brown
Atzmayah Bailey 
Bwana Mack
Catrena Fields
Christy Eiland
Donnica Scott
Michelle Gaines
Natasha Givens
Nina Bryant-Hunter 
Nedra Hicks  
Paige Taylor